Strange Police Impersonator Harasses Truckers In Wisconsin

Some stories are hard to believe, check out Haris Mackic! According to police records he pulled over a trucker for doing above 70 and claimed to be a police officer! He also broke off the truck drivers antenna and also asked the driver to “to apologize to Jesus.” Machic got criminal damage to property, disorderly…

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Mack Trucks Become The Official Hauler Of NASCAR

Today the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing announced Mack trucks as the official hauler. As part of the agreement Mack presented 11 Pinnacle axle-forward and axle-back sleeper-cab tractors. The trucks will haul equipment from venue to venue during the 36-race season. Drivers will drive thousands of miles from race to race over a…

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Is The Trucking Industry Heading Toward Natural Gas?

With higher diesel prices and  uncertainty in the market some companies may be leaning toward natural gas. The price of natural gas isn’t much cheaper than diesel, but the long term consequences of using it as an alternative to diesel may outweigh the negative side effects of running fleets on diesel. One of the biggest…

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The ultimate Strap Rolling Tool

Roll your trailer straps with lightning speed with the Strap King! Have you ever been running behind and found your straps were making you more behind? The Strap King solves your strap rolling problems and easily mounts on your trailer. Built out of stainless steel for a lifetime of use! Spend more time driving and…

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