Handee Hook
Double Handled Pin Puller

The Handee Hook semi tandem axle pin puller truck tool makes it easier to pull axle pins. Use the Handee Hook's double handle to your advantage while moving hard to pull truck trailer tandem axle pins. This truck tool is a great axle pin puller tool.

The Persuader-Sliding Tandem Pin Puller truck tool is perfect for pulling frozen or stuck tandem pins. Use leverage with the Persuader-Sliding Tandem Axle Pin Puller tool to make stuck tandem pins easy.

Sliding Tandem Pin Puller

The Persuader-Sliding Tandem Pin Puller truck tool is perfect for pulling frozen or stuck tandem pins. Use leverage to your advantage and free hard to move your truck trailers tandem pins. This is a must have truck tool for every truck driver.

The Adjustable Persuader Pin Puller tool

Adjustable Persuader-
Pin Puller

The Adjustable Persuader Pin Puller tool is the ultimate tandem pin pulling truck tool. Adjust the Persuader to gain more leverage and handle those hard to move pins. This is a great Pin Puller tool for every driver driver.


CounterAct Heavy Duty -
Stud Brush Kit

Use the CounterAct Heavy Duty Stud Brush Kit to clean your truck and trailer's studs. Save money and keep your trailer and truck's studs in proper working order. This is a great truck tool to keep in your toolbox! Keeping your studs clean and functioning well will save you  time and money.


Stud Brush

Every truck driver needs a CounterAct Stud Brush in their tool box. Don't get stuck on the highway with a rusted stud. The CounterAct Stud Brush makes removing your truck lug nuts a faster and easier job.


CounterAct Tire
Balancing Beads

Balance your tires with the CounterAct Tire Balancing Beads for a smoother ride.  The balancing beads will improve your trucks ride. This is a great tool for your trailer and truck!


Tandem Stops

Make fast work of of adjusting your tandem. The Sliding Tandem Stops is an excellent slider adjustment tool. This is a great trailer axle positioning and adjustment tool. Every truck driver needs this truck tool in their toolbox.


Velcros-brand-hook- loop-pads-1

Velcro’s Brand -
Hook and Loop Pads

Stick your phone anywhere with the Velcro’s Brand Hook and Loop Pads.

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