Wiley Sanders Truck Lines Jobs

Single Operator
6 Months Experience 32.0 Cents Per Mile
1 To 2 Years Experience 33.0 Cents Per Mile
2 To 3 Years Experience 34.0 Cents Per Mile
3 To 4 Years Experience 35.0 Cents Per Mile
4 Years Experience 36.0 Cents Per Mile
5 Consecutive Years from hire date 37.0 Cents Per Mile

Note: All Experience Must Be Verifiable

Team Operators
3,999 Miles Or Less 36 Cents Per Mile For Teams/Split
4,000 – 4,999 Miles 38 Cents Per Mile For Teams/Split
5000 Miles Or More 40 Cents Per Mile For Teams/Split
5 Consecutive Years From Hire Date add 1 Cent Per Mile For Teams/Split

Must Have 1 Year With Wiley Sanders Truck Lines To Be Qualified At 26 Cents Per Mile. Over 5 Consecutive Years From Hire Date Is 26.5 Cents Per Mile.

14 Cents Per Mile During Training.

One Week Paid Vacation After One Year Of Service / Two Weeks After Two Years Of Service (Your Dispatcher Will Handle The Scheduling Of Your Vacation). (Vacation Pay Is 1/52 Of Previous Year’s Earnings).

Group Health Insurance Partially Funded By Company Also Available The First Of The Month Following 60 Days Employment. Employee’s Part Single Coverage-$29.90/Wk. Employee’s Part Family Coverage $126.80/Wk. (These Rates Are Subject To Change). Dental, Disability And Term Life Insurance Coverage Is Available The First Of The Month Following 30 Days Employment. Rates Are Available Through WSTL Insurance Dept.

Available To All Employees After 90 Days, 401k Plan Administered By TransAmerica Retirement Services With On-Site Personnel.

Credit Union
Membership With Alabama Telco Credit Union Available To All Employees When Hired And All Credit Union Privileges Are Available To Any Member.

Direct Deposit
All Employees are able to Direct Deposit to thier bank or Credit Union.

Please read and understand before completing the application

* At least 21 years old.

* At least 6 months of verifiable over the road experience (unless in the trainee program)

* Valid Class A CDL with Haz Mat endorsement.

* Must not have a record of DWI or DUI on any type vehicle.

* Must meet the D.O.T. physical requirements and obtain a long form physical from our company doctor at your expense which will be reimbursed after six months.

* Must not have been terminated from last employer for a poor safety record.

* Have you tested positive for a controlled substance? Had an alcohol concentration test with a breath alcohol concentration of 0.04 or greater in a commercial motor vehicle? Have you ever refused a required test for drugs or alcohol?

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