Wiley Sanders Truck Lines

Wiley Sanders Truck Lines provides the safe, professional drivers shippers demand. Regardless of previous experience, all drivers must complete an intensive, four-day training and orientation session before they take to the road. All personnel are safety-trained twice a year at the finest driver training facilities, and the company backs its commitment to safety with an attractive safety bonus program.

Sanders Truck Lines runs the tightest regulatory programs in the industry for compliance with federally-required norms of service. Ongoing driver orientation and safety briefings, a year-round road patrol and close monitoring of drivers’ logs and safety records make Sanders’ trucks among the safest on the highway.

With no exception Sanders’ strongest asset is the age, experience and dedication of its employees. Each staff member realizes that success hinges on performance and commitment attained through long-term relationships.

Wiley Sanders Truck Lines delivers your load on time.

Give us a call to discuss your transport needs. We’re in it for the long haul!


Mailing Address
P.O. Drawer 707
Troy, Alabama 36081