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The key to MCA’s success in the transportation industry has been the commitment to an important principle – provide superior customer service by safely delivering the load when the customer wants it. MCA has a proven track record of providing superior customer service to the United States Postal Service (USPS) for over 50 years. We know how to be the “Reliable Source,” and we continue to build upon that reputation.

That foundation began in 1945 and has been built upon steadily ever since. Through bidding for USPS business in the open market, growing internally on our existing USPS contracts, and acquiring other companies that operate USPS contracts, MCA has grown from a small company with a handful of USPS contracts to the largest USPS ground transportation contractor in the industry. The USPS relies upon MCA to provide exemplary service on our 153 contracts and 110 million annual miles so that the USPS can, in turn, provide superior on-time service to the general public.

Our USPS contracts require MCA to provide service to specific service points at exact departure and arrival times, which we accomplish at a reliable 99.6% on-time efficiency. Whether the mail is time-sensitive express mail or periodicals, our drivers make sure their loads reach their destinations on time and safely. The importance of on-time delivery is instilled in all systems and employees involved with the business, from dispatch to service metrics to service technicians and drivers. This dedication and success is what has made MCA a leader in the USPS transportation sector and the reliable source for its customers’ transportation needs.

MCA provides a wide-range of transportation to the USPS. Our shortest contract provides trailer shuttling at a single processing center and our longest contract spans three-quarters of the country. This diversity allows MCA to provide superior service to the USPS on short-haul as well as long-haul trips. The USPS knows it can depend on MCA to meet its transportation needs so it can provide its customers the service they expect.

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