Transmission Cooler and Filter System


Complete System $975

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The Transmission Cooler

Triple Isolate Your System! With ever increasing replacement cost of transmissions, why reduce life expectancy with high temperatures? Stock heat exchangers operate off of the engine cooling system- so you’re starting out it 190° before you ever move the truck. Don’t forget when those units leak water into your tranny it will fail!

Vibration Isolators $64-10 Lines & Fittings $311 and Filter System was tested between July 2008 and April 2009 on a 1995 379 Peterbuilt 3406 CAT, making 500 hp. This 15,715 transmission pulls a 53ft. dry van (gross weight 79,000 lbs.) Pulling Grapevine Hills from Buttonwillow to Lebeck. A 3871 elevation gain over 50 miles at full throttle at 36mph, The transmission never exceeded 140° ,( Ambient Air Temp temperature of 75° ) Cooler $397 Cooler Bracket $149

Complete System $975 We supply all the brackets, lines and hardware! Call or E-mail for details!


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Weight 20 lbs